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EZ2 Result Today April 21 2018 (Saturday)

Here are the results for “EZ2 lotto ” playing with standard and rambolito.

11:00 AM →  11-12

04:00 PM →  

09:00 PM → 

Congratulations to all the winners for Ez2 result today April 21, 2018.

Latest EZ2 Lotto Price:

Play Description Prize
Standard 2 correct numbers in exact order P4,000.00
Rambolito 2 correct numbers P2,000.00

EZ2 Lotto Tips

“The EZ2 Lotto is a fixed payout game”EZ2 Lotto runs on the two-chambered Mega Gem, each drawing a number with a number of 1 to 31, thus ensuring a chance with the number appearing twice in the combination or possibly a Double. To win the jackpot, you have to get the two numbers in exact order as they show up in the chambers. The chances of getting the exact order are usually in 1 in 961. The chances in LLAVE order are 1 in 465. Therefore 465 numbers are LLave (Rambol) (01-02, 02-01). The EZ2 Lotto is drawn 3 (three) times a day, Monday-Sunday. The nationwide draws would be the morning (11AM), afternoon (4PM) and evening (on PTV) (9PM).

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